Taplin-Weir Clarinet Barrels are beautiful sounding and technically accurate. From extensive research we offer 4 standard bore tapers which are available and in lengths from 64 to 68mm. Designed honoring proven dimensions which optimize French model clarinets, Taplin-Weir barrels will accommodate any preferences or setup requirements of the discriminating clarinetist.

Barrels are available in two styles; our AM traditional style barrel with standard metal tenon rings and, using a design exclusive to Taplin-Weir, the EU style barrel built of a single piece of wood with hidden tenon rings which protect against cracking.





American style grenadilla barrels are also available in 2 outer profiles, narrow (NP) and wide (WP), which influence timbre and response. In addition, Taplin-Weir barrels are engineered to fit most standard professional clarinets.

We’re glad to provide barrel recommendations to suit your equipment and set-up requirements. Special order barrels are also available in the dimensions of your choice. Widely used by many leading clarinetists, a Taplin-Weir barrel is a worthy upgrade to any clarinet!

Try before you buy!

AM Style Bb/A ……$225.00 US
EU Style Bb/A/Eb ……$235.00 US
( Canadian customers please call for pricing )

Please call  or email us to order: (647) 351-8181.