To create or select a great clarinet requires experience, knowledge and practice. Patti Goodwin’s informed choices of clarinets are based on countless hours of voicing clarinets, balancing resistance levels and tonal focus through optimal barrel and bell choice and the critical analysis of a clarinet’s sound and colour. Her selections are consistently the finest clarinets available during her visits to Buffet. Excellent tuning characteristics are high on her list of criteria.

Patti can work directly with you to determine your specific requirements and will choose instruments for you, either from our inventory or by a direct visit to Buffet. We take a personal interest in our efforts to select the best possible clarinet for you. We have access to the full range of Buffet professional clarinets and our workshop will set-up and voice your selection to an extremely high standard.

To view the complete Buffet Clarinet lineup please visit their web site. We look forward to helping you choose your next instrument from some of the finest clarinets available. Please contact us for pricing.