The Taplin-Weir “Selection Studio” presents a unique opportunity for clarinetists seeking the ultimate custom clarinet. A visit to the Taplin-Weir Studio and Workshop allows the clarinetist to select a clarinet unique to the player’s requirements.

BuffetClarinetFamilyWe offer a full selection of Buffet clarinets chosen individually at the Buffet Crampon warehouse in Jacksonville Florida. We have extensive experience building, choosing, voicing, and repairing clarinets. Instruments in our studio are hand selected to satisfy our high standards for sound, tuning, and build quality.

Within our inventory we create and stock a variety of instrument resistance levels to allow selection over a range of clarinets, from free blowing to more resistant.

Start by choosing the clarinet and acoustical model suited to your needs and playing style. All instruments are kept in a controlled, humidified environment and are fully adjusted and ready to test. Our studio maintains an expansive stock of Taplin-Weir clarinet barrels and bells. This allows an unprecedented number of combinations to create a clarinet specific to your personal playing style. Our in-house workshop will setup and voice your chosen clarinet, fine-tuning intonation to your mouthpiece setup and playing style, installing your preferred pad type, and adjusting key positions and tensions to your touch.

By appointment we offer one on one personal selection sessions.

Please contact us for Selection Studio scheduling. Your quest for the clarinet of your dreams ends at the Taplin-Weir Selection Studio!

No hassle shipping within the USA and Canada for selection studio trials.