The instruments of both the clarinet and saxophone families have always held a special fascination for me. The French instrument factories of Buffet Crampon, Henri Selmer and Leon Leblanc all built both clarinets and saxophones and this tradition has captured my interest throughout my career. The technical challenges of these instruments and the marvelous music they can produce continues to inspire me.

I have been repairing clarinets and saxophones now for 35 years and working professionals have trusted me with their instruments since the early 1980s. I take great pride in my work and have developed and maintained the skills of an advanced craftsman along with the desire to continually learn and improve.

As a clarinet and saxophone specialist I have rebuilt literally thousands of instruments and worked directly with many world class musicians. Insights gained from extensive manufacturing experience have provided me with a unique range of skills and techniques in the maintenance of your personal instrument. Our workshop utilizes precision tooling, select equipment, and original parts, all related to woodwind manufacture and repair and accumulated over my years in this field. Artist level set-ups and voicing are a daily routine in the Taplin-Weir workshop.

My interest is in improving all aspects of a woodwind instrument; mechanics, padding, tuning, cosmetics, and “feel”, to provide an instrument the musician can play with complete confidence. If you entrust me with your personal instrument I will use all of my experience to treat it with the utmost care and attention. I am pleased to provide referrals or recommendations if you are considering our workshop.