We invite you to try clarinets, clarinet barrels, and clarinet bells on a trial basis. Arrangements can be made to try a selection of any of these items.

Important Note: Depending on the value of the shipment, we may require a trial fee at time of shipping. This amount, which covers shipping, handling, and insurance, is based on a sliding scale determined by the value of the shipment. We are pleased to provide a trial fee quotation. The customer is responsible for all return shipping charges and must use the shipping instructions listed below.

How Our Trial Policy Works:
Clarinet, clarinet barrel, and clarinet bell trials are for 7 days starting with the day the delivery is received.

You must either purchase the trial item(s) or they must be in transit back to Taplin-Weir Inc. no later than the 7th trial period day. If not in transit by the designated return day a 1% late fee will be charged to the credit card on record, based upon the value of the trial goods. An additional restocking fee of $25.00 for barrel or bell trials and $50.00 for instrument trials will be charged if no trials items are purchased and all are returned.

On the 14th day, the trial items are considered sold and the customer will be charged for full payment at that time plus any applicable legal fees, collection fees, and interest. After the 14th trial period day instruments or items cannot be returned to Taplin-Weir Inc. without authorization and will be subject to a 20% restocking fee.

If you anticipate your return will be late you must contact us by email or phone before the 7th day trial period is finished. Extensions to the return due date can be granted but only if you contact us. You must receive authorization from our office. NO EXCEPTIONS PLEASE. Merchandise returned after 30 days will not be accepted under any circumstances. All confirmed sales are final.

Trial clarinets, clarinet barrels, or clarinet bells must be returned in the same condition as received or the customer will be assessed for any damages, including scratches. Inspect the trial items carefully upon arrival and notify us immediately of any damage. The customer is responsible for all return shipping charges and must use the shipping instructions listed below.

To avoid any unnecessary customs or brokerage fees it is imperative to follow these guidelines:

Send shipments by Post not courier. Exceptions to this must be authorized by Taplin-Weir Inc.
Label the package and customs form “Clarinet Part Returned to Maker for Warranty – NO COMMERCIAL VALUE “. This is absolutely critical! Marking shipments incorrectly will result in added shipping time and possible customs or brokerage fees.
Package items in a sturdy box with adequate packing material. Damage sustained on return shipments is your responsibility.
If a return shipment by courier has been authorized, DO NOT use UPS.
Be sure NOT to give the returning package a commercial value as your products are simply being returned to Taplin-Weir Inc. following a product trial or for warranty.
If a package is sent to our workshop without the proper paperwork or information, Taplin-Weir Ltd. reserves the right to refuse the shipment.
In the case of instrument repairs please mark “Clarinet Repair Only – for adjustment by manufacturer – NO COMMERCIAL VALUE”.
Barrels or Bells – Individually purchased Taplin-Weir barrels or bells are under warranty for 1 year against cracking or manufacturing issues with the following conditions; During the break-in period of the first 6 months from the purchase date, the barrel or bell will be replaced or repaired to the customer’s satisfaction without charge. During the second 6 month period from the purchase date, the barrel or bell will be will be replaced at a 50% discount from the list price at time of purchase or repaired to the customer’s satisfaction at a nominal charge.

If an issue occurs that you believe falls under these warranty conditions, please contact Taplin-Weir Inc. to initiate the warranty process. Damage due to owner carelessness or neglect (including, but not limited to, improperly breaking in a new clarinet or clarinet component) is NOT covered by the warranty. Please read and follow the instructions on our “Care and Maintenance” website page.

The customer is responsible for all shipping charges on a warranty claim.

Please contact us. We are confident in the quality of our clarinet line and look forward to making your trial of Taplin-Weir clarinet products a rewarding and beneficial experience.

No hassle shipping within the USA and Canada for selection studio trials.